Jewish ritual murder kabbalah Talmud IMF Grove abduction

[il sangue cristiano.pdf](who can do these crimes? He has already decided to do of all whole human race: one only bunch of slaves) uhjk100 SAID[closed its site for fear] I understand now, even more, that Zionist Jews are an absolute evil, even worse than the Muslim extremists. - ANSWER - people do not know that Hitler tried to talk to them, BUT FOR HIM: THIS IS been IMPOSSIBLE ..

such as: was been: impossible, also for me! Because they have faith: absolute, in their Rabbis: Kakam:Pharisees Illuminati or the IMF? Fidelity is an absolute! but, I have asked God for an answer .. so, I called a: my son to open: a new Bible at random: the Lord answered me, through Amos 9: (punishment of Israel)..All the sinners of my people? die by the: sword! they, who saying the misfortune, will not come down to us, and we do not touch!

"because of them? I failed my agenda of Universal brotherhood .. then, of course, will be a massacre! @IsraelNationalTV- If these crimes: they have never been: recognized: disavowed: or renegades, condemned, by the Jewish communities? Then, these crimes: they are still made: today again, by all shit of Ovadia: Kakam Illuminati of IMF: seigniorage banking ..

because today it is easy to do this dirty work(to drain human blood), using satanists! That's why God can never, answer to your prayers .. However: if they have the stomach: for go to the hell: with Satan? also for this few miserable years: of these earthly life? the help of American: Satanists jewish lobby: 666 and 322? however, is not something that is going to last! quiet boy!

I am come to you? but, My spirit has passed, killing thousands of Satanists: first! quiet.. a king knows how to: as protect its subjects! You have noticed how demons: by: Joshua [23.11] the traslator google: has canceled: arbitrarily: my approach (3° WW nuclear)? [Christian blood] HISTORICAL APPENDIX. Preamble. The revelations of: Neophyte: are still credible?

1 °: the historical list of Many: murders: that ritual purposes: always committed: Jews in the past: for centuries: in this: the more special: clear: confessions: of: Jews: of: this: murder: and: this ritual: purpose: that: are reported in authentic processes. II. List historical: some: assassinations: of: Christians: committed: by: Jews for ritual purposes:] in: centuries ago. Many: lists: of this assassinations:

** 1255. A Lincoln (Bolland. vol.6July, p.494) Hugh Child stolen by Jews are fed up to the day of sacrifice. Many: Jews agree, from various parts of England: and crucify him:. [Christian blood] It is remarkable to consider, such as: the same confessions and revelations: have been: made by: Jews, even after many, many: centuries and in countries: far away: in Trento, Moldova, Switzerland: in: centuries XIV and XVIII,

by: Monumenta of Pertz historiae Germanicae. But, because, so far reported, the use jew: to: use: of Christian blood, for ritual purposes: it is ancient and constant: in: centuries gone by. But we now come to the century: present... ecc. ecc. Giosué[23.11] we are all sons: of Adam and Noah? So why: Rabbi: Ovadia Yosef: ie, Pharisees: can say that: Christians are animals in human form?

What lies beneath: all this? evitente is: the Jewish lobby: 666 of 322: IMF: they stole the symbols of Judaism and Christianity! go against the Satanists? It's like going against yourself! However, also if, this story: horrible: of the Talmud: is more over: 3000 years, dating back: to the roots of the Jewish religion, was immediately corrupt: because: of apostasy for oral tractions:

which then were incorporated in the Talmud? However, we should not be afraid of the truth and we should not be afraid to amputate cancer: first, that came be death of the entire body. for do luciferian: Grove: cult: ie New Tower Babel: NWO. Giosué [23,11] @IsraelNationalTV-- Take great care, for your life, to love the Lord your God [12] why, if, make apostasy(Talmud: Pharisees)..

then,[13] then, you know.. you will be perished: and you will be gone (3° nuclear WW): from this: good land which the Lord your God has given you.- ANSWER- goddammit! speak ill of Israel? (even if: it is an abomination Masonic founded by Satanists of the IMF:.. even if it's like: all other false democracies: of the banking seigniorage): for a Christian? is like cutting off his arm!

How has Judaism religious movement? many! So why this hate absurd: the synagogue of Satan (Illuminati Pharisees): against: Christians from the beginning? Would you expect, That, has ended: the 3 rd WW Nuclear? But this is PRECISELY the problem: "if there will be: 3 ° after WW: nuclear 'one State of Israel!"

az99920: SAID: Commento al tuo video: Jewish ritual murder kabbalah Talmud IMF Grove abduction pt5
كويتي بحق ! الكابالا هي السم في الحياه واتمنا ان الكل يتجه الي الخير والبناء والخوف علي كل انسان فكلنا بشرنتالم ونشعر بالحزن الله يحفظ الجميع من الشرور وقرابين اطفال شيئ مؤلم وبشع
-- ANSWER -- LAW of Kuwait: my Allah: ie: my YHWH: bless you: My dear brother: and all: My Muslim brothers: all those saints: men: precious: full of all righteousness .. why, of your love: is full, the whole human race
قانون للكويت : بلادي الله : أي : يهوه بلدي : يبارك لك : يا أخي العزيز : وجميع : إخواني مسلم : كل هؤلاء القديسين : الرجال : الثمينة الكامل لجميع البر.. لماذا ، من الحب : هو الكامل، والجنس البشري كله

Commento al tuo video: Jewish ritual murder kabbalah Talmud IMF Grove abduction pt5 .. MCTanman1 SAID:.. then the jews are being antisimetic themselves, because for a fact, the jewish religion, christianity and islam is actually ONE BASIC RELIGION- ANSWER--1. il sangue cristiano.pdf(who can do these crimes? He has already decided to do the whole human race: one only bunch of slaves) .. 2. Grande rabbino Neofito - Il sangue cristiano nei riti erraci della moderna Sinagona.pdf .. 3. Talmud e cristiani - Pranaitis.pdf .. THIS COMMENT CONTINUE IN OTHER VIDEO: 1/2@ IsraelNationalTV - in all my life, I have sinned much: 1. inside my body, 2. inside my soul, and 3. in my spirit because I've always been terrified by the fact: to commit any injustice against: the creatures, as well: even when it comes to sex: you can say that my wife was the first woman that: I have known, "thus: even the most skilled investigator: could not will find anything: against me, if I myself do not want to said: of myself, every thing. thing that, I do willingly because: I hate any: worship of my personality, or that someone can look at myself, as someone of special! however, is the metaphysics (such as a power of discernment) that, did remind me, also, the very rare, that are supernatural events, that others forget: and that God gives to every man, as his statement: about, the fate of each man. since, it is the rationality: "the Glory of God", and because I want to be: an example for every human on the planet? I can prevent: to God, of can talk to me .. because, in fact: as we all know: God is a very nice guy: respectful and polite: about: respect that he wants to have with respect: of the will of all his creatures. so, although I never wanted to hide, to myself and to God, my sin, in a vision: that: has lasted a few seconds while: I was in the sleep-wake: I have seen (without understanding: neither the context nor the place): a door to: 4 before: (that: it was the symbol of my life): the his hinges or hinges: they were all, like this: deformed: deformed: to the point, that the door could not be opened. But, it was Jesus who he was: at the other side of the door, and I could see only spiritually, Jesus begins: once: to make the list of all my sins: "amazing!" I could not to recognize: my guilt: either: approximately: 20% of what was listed, like this: while watching: with "disbelief": in my spirit within me: I see, as, indeed, that all the my sins were listed: by Jesus..those were: really: all my sins! Thus, because: of that revelation, I fall on their knees: and cry and beg, saying: "you can not go away: and let me again in this condition." Jesus does not answer me, but, immediately, all deformed hinges of the door, return to their capabilities! It was evident: God would not has let me: to be prisoner of the my sins. 10 years later: in a painful situation: I'm awake at 5.30: in the morning by my alarm, that reminds me: as: between, half an hour: the my worker must come to me: for to go to do the olives harvest: in one of the days: the coldest of the year, with temperatures below zero: all'inclemenza exposed: in that cold climate: while all my "airways" were completely occluded, from mucus and all my limbs were prey to pain and muscle reomatici: so much that it also: the headache (now, I do not ever suffer: of headache: and much less: of rheumatic pains) but, this condition clearly indicated an "influenza was" in place. Certainly no one would have gone: to do that kind of work so physically demanding: in those adverse conditions! and also I would not have gone. in waiting: to understand: better: my decision: (why: a teacher: for the olives, harvest can be done: only, of Sunday: or: his: free day), or: he can would: even: to have economic damage: if the collection: of the olives: it was made to do: only: through the workers, because: incomes in agriculture are so low, that: 50% of all campaigns: they have been convicted: to be uncultivated in spite: the despair that is the dignified poverty: of our people because of the recession: unemployment, etc.. all phenomena typical: of the Jewish usury: of the banking seigniorage: and its: fake: "public debt": fictional: such as: for the Masonic bad government,

Commento al tuo video: Jewish ritual murder kabbalah Talmud IMF Grove abduction pt5 .. MCTanman1 SAID:.. i cannot say if this is true, infact i find it outrageous to an extent, but if byt a very very small probability this is true, then the jews are being antisimetic themselves, because for a fact, the jewish religion, christianity and islam is actually ONE BASIC R RELIGION- ANSWER--1. il sangue cristiano.pdf(who can do these crimes? He has already decided to do the whole human race: one only bunch of slaves) .. 2. Grande rabbino Neofito - Il sangue cristiano nei riti erraci della moderna Sinagona.pdf .. 3. Talmud e cristiani - Pranaitis.pdf .. THIS COMMENT CONTINUE IN OTHER VIDEO: 2/2@IsraelNationalTV - because: create an income: suitable for your family on the Murgia of Bari: Puglia? is almost a hopeless task! of course: this says very long: about: millions of Jews totally innocent, that, they have to pay: with their lives: the hatred and all evil: that these rabbis: Kakam: the international bankers of the synagogue Satan: IMF BCE FED. ecc.. : of Illuminati: have deserved to have done: so much evil: against: all peoples through: banking seigniorage: wear, etc. .. etc. .. conspiracy, freemasonry, satanism, etc. .. etc., on that cold morning in the waiting for a decision to be taken: I was hill: my head again: on the pillow for a few seconds like this: In a moment: how 10 years first: : I have a mometo : sleep-wake cycle: namely, that is an reality: natural: as is for all, a common experience .. However, at that moment: I am: on a large plan: at the base of which, after few: rungs: there are a great in front of them: there is a square: "immense", it was like big: that, it was not possible imagine something so great: on planet earth: for, my human eyes: he could not to see: how far would that: this square can end! but what was incredible to see? was to see, such as the square: it was completely full: of people: all dressed in a gray suit: all were serried crowds: decently: one side: with the other: all those people: they were full of love and compassion: for me. and, all together as: with a single heart, saying to God: as if all were: a single living organism: "Lord, you protect him! Lord you give him: the strength." Impressive .. Who am I: in the kingdom of God? if: I'm nobody on earth? while an angel invisible: he said to my right, "are your intercessors!" it was obvious: I was of faced at: the place, that: you Jews call: Sheol, while we Catholics call it: "the holy souls in purgatory" .. but for all, that day .. I was I was: so excited: and encouraged, that, I have risen, on my tractor at 6:00: quickly: and in all that morning, with the temperature: below zero, but: the air was so dry, that has purified: all my "airway", and I have been able to do so: an extraordinary and very productive: an day's work: with my worker: no more to understand: the meaning of that vision: for the next ten years. When they finally: I asked the Lord to stop: my activities of peasant, for to benefit: and for and prevent, the fall of all those souls who: were irretrievably lost: in the abyss of the hell. So, I asked God: of to have more time to stay on the internet. You excuse me if I have been so: idiot: by: use more: 10 years: for: not: to be successful: to: understand: once: as:, those two dreams: facts: to: distance: of: 10 years: they were in reality: 1). : A: one message: (but I said not: I have other things: "strange": of: which: not: I have already spoken in my sites) and, 2). A: single geographical place: because, first, I was just: of: front: to: the huge square: for: not: to be able: to: see it. : And: that: right: I was: Chainsaw Massacre: of the: Jewish Temple Celeste: through: which, had to: go: all those people: the day of the: Judgement. So: the: my ministry: of: unius REI: or: metaphysics: the "natural law" is: the: only option: for: enter the Kingdom: of God: even: for: all these atheists: and: for: anyone: that: : not: they could have died through: the: covenant: that Jesus Christ has deserved for us: .. it all: those souls: not: they have committed: so serious sins: so: by: worthy: of: to fall in: the: hell: as: is: to: about: tea: 60%: of: all: the: human race. Here is: why: everything,: that: I could do,: or: not: I could do on this earth? : For: me is relatively: important I think: that: if I say, not: I will have the guidance: of: Israel: and: of: all the nation: of the: world? : For: change: the International Monetary Fund today: with a: that: is: of: property of their respective nations: as: the Constitution says? the already scheduled 3 rd WW nuclear is inevitable!

@ Uhjk100 - we should stop: of: say, "the false religion of Islam": why: any religion: or: any reality: ideological: it can be false! When: becomes: to: Imperialism of Intolerance: for: killing people: innocent: that: are found guilty: only: why: invoke God with one of his many: different names: or: for : crush the nations: as: Freemasonry does: through,: the: his bank seigniorage: that: he has made: illegal: every reality: of: institutional (: why: all forced: to: a : complicit silence), in everything: the: world, through: the: its IMF-NWO. Because, I will respect any person who demonstrates: of: Knowing God: that: is: love, justice, peace, mercy, equality: universal brotherhood, respect for patience: and: tolerance: for: all diversity. Here is: why: these values: also: a: an atheist in the facts may show: of: to know God more, of: all religious people put together! But, until, the power exists theological: and: Politics: of: this ministry: universal: of: unius Rei? Ie: for: the next 50 years .. Every reality: religious: or: institutional: will be shown: humanizing its true balance! Because: in the time of the: my ministry: political: and: theology: not: it is possible to: no anti-christ: of: to express himself!