io ho fallito.. allora, certamente, sarà un massacro

[il sangue cristiano.pdf](who can do these crimes? He has already decided to do the whole human race: one only bunch of slaves) uhjk100 SAID: oggi ho capito, ancora di piú, che gli ebrei sionisti sono un male assoluto, anche peggiore dei musulmani estremisti. -- ANSWER-- la gente non sa, che: Hitler ha cercato di dialogare.., MA, PER LUI: QUESTO È STATO IMPOSSIBILE.. come: è stato: impossibile: per me! Poiché la fede che loro hanno: nei loro Rabbini: Kakam: Illuminati o Farisei del FMI? è una fedeltà assoluta! Io ho chiesto a Dio una risposta.. ed, io ho chiamato un: mio figlio: ad aprire: una nuova Bibbia: a caso: il Signore ha risposto a me, attraverso, Amos 9 (castigo di Israele)... tutti i peccatori del mio popolo? moriranno di spada! essi, che vanno dicendo: la sventura, non giungerà fino a noi, e non ci toccherà!" per colpa loro? io ho fallito.. allora, certamente, sarà un massacro!
@ IsraelNationalTV --- If these crimes: they have never been: recognized: disavowed: or renegades, condemned, by the Jewish communities? Then, these crimes: they are still made today again, by all shit Ovadia: Kakam Illuminati of IMF: seigniorage banking .. because today it is easy to do this dirty work, with satanists! That's why God can never, answer to your prayers .. However: if they have the stomach: the unconscious: for go to the hell: ie to deal with Satan? also for this few years of these earthly life? the help of American Satanists: 666 and 322? however, is not something that is going to last! quiet boy! I am come to you? but, My spirit has passed, killing thousands of Satanists: first! quiet .. a king knows how to: as protect its subjects! You have noticed how: by: Joshua [23.11] the traslator:has canceled(3 ° WWnuclear)? [Christian blood] HISTORICAL APPENDIX. Preamble. The revelations of: Neophyte: here: printed on top: they are themselves clear. But then: they even still credible? To answer this question, leaving here: aside: reasons: intrinsic: the credibility, of what: is enough: he spoke in the preface of Di Giorgio, to us: contented: report here: briefly (as only: it implies: the brevity and the purpose of: these pages) 1 °: the historical list of Many: murders: that ritual purposes: always committed: the: Jews in the: past: centuries: and this: some: the more special: the more clear: confessions: of: Jews: of: this: murder: and: this ritual purpose: that: are reported in: authentic: processes. II. List historical: some: assassinations: of: Christians: committed: by: Jews for ritual purposes:] in: centuries ago. Many: lists: of: this: assassinations: they: are described: various: authors, traits: mostly from: and Baronius: Bollandists. More copious: but although very far: from finished: that's what us here: faithfully copied from page 56 and following: the: question Juive, important book published: in 1882: Printing in Desclee de Brouwer and Comp Lilac in the Rue Royale, 26. Year:** 1071. In Blois (Monumenta historica scriptorum Germanies, vol. VI, p.. 520): A child crucified. Then: thrown into the river. Count Theobald: does burn: Jews guilty.** 1255. A Lincoln (Bolland. vol. 6 July, p. 494) Hugh Child: stolen from: Jews are fed up to the day of sacrifice. Many: Jews agree, from various parts of England: and crucify him:. ** 1257. In London (hist Cluverio Epitome. P. 541) a child slain Christians.** 1160. A Welssemburg: (Annal. Colmar, Monum. XVII, 191) a little boy is killed by: Jews. [Christian blood] It is remarkable to consider, such as: the same confessions and revelations have been made by: Jews, even after many, many: centuries and in countries far away: in Trento, Moldova, Switzerland: in: centuries XIV and XVIII, which is already the second: and he saw: see. Many: other: made: similar to: those: already reported: we: may collect: other: history: especially by: Monumenta of Pertz historiae Germanicae. But, because, so far reported, just: to put in point: that the use jew: to: use: of Christian blood, for ritual purposes: it is ancient and constant: in: centuries gone by. But we now come to the century: present .ecc. ecc. Giosué [23.11] we are all sons of Adam and Noah? So why: Rabbi: Ovadia Yosef: ie, Pharisees: can say that: Christians are animals in human form? What lies beneath: all this? evitente is: the Jewish lobby: 666 of 322: IMF: they stole the symbols of Judaism and Christianity: still, as well go against the Satanists? It's like going against yourself! However, also if, this story: horrible: of the Talmud: is more over: 3000 years, dating back to the roots of the Jewish religion, that, he went almost immediately corrupt: because of apostasy of racist: of quet oral tractions: which then were incorporated in the Talmud? However, we should not be afraid of the truth and we should not be afraid to amputate cancer: first, that it leads to death around of the entire body: ie: of any human being. for do luciferian Grove cult: ie New Tower Babel: of NWO. Giosué [23,11] @IsraelNationalTV -- Abbiate gran cura, per la vostra vita, di amare il Signore vostro Dio. [12] Perché, se, voi fate apostasia (Talmud: Farisei) ... [13] allora, sappiate, che, ... voi sarete periti: e sarete scomparsi(3°WW nuclear): da questo: buon Paese: che: il Signore vostro Dio: vi ha dato. --ANSWER-maledizione! parlare male di Israele? (anche se: lui è un abominio massonico: fondato dai satanisti del FMI: di Rothschild, ecc.. anche se: è come: tutte: le altre false democrazie: del signoraggio bancario): per un cristiano? è come tagliarsi un braccio! perché: anche noi cristiani siamo Israele! Quanti movimenti religiosi ha l'ebraismo? tanti! allora, perché questo odio assurdo: della sinagoga di satana(Illuminati: Farisei): contro: i cristiani fin dal principio?
@IsraelNationalTV --- Testimony from Capture of Nazi Criminal Displayed in the Knesset?ok! everything perfect: it is right to stop and punish all: the criminals!
but, when it is realized: the capture of criminals: Illuminati: Kakam: Rothschild murderers: and: everyone of the synagogue of Satan, ie, the IMF of banking seigniorage: robbed against all peoples through the masonry: ie all the satanists: of the New World Order: ie, the Satanists: 666 and 322, that: they put, also, their star of Satan: on the flag: of Israel.. they are also always the same: that, they did kill: the Kennedys... ecc.. ecc..but, for do this, perhaps, you would expect, that, has ended the 3 rd WW Nuclear?But this is precisely the problem: "if there will be: the 3 ° WW nuclear? then, will not will more exist: the State of Israel!"