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people see their soul corruption

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia • the lack of perspectives has led most people to see their soul to the devil of total corruption, the South is a place where you can not live anymore! la mancanza di prospettive ha portato i più a vedere la loro anima al diavolo della totale corruzione, il Sud è un posto dove non si può più vivere!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI 
la mancanza di prospettive ha portato i più a vedere la loro anima al diavolo della totale corruzione, il Sud è un posto dove non si può più vivere!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI 1 secondo fa
eih testa di POMELLO! quì in Italia Rothschild non vuole pagare le pensioni, e con le vaccinazioni di Bayer 666 Monsanto, poi, in una provincia muoiono quasi tutti di infarto, in un altra provincia quasi tutti di tumore a una specifica parte del corpo! in un altra provincia vengono colpiti da demenza senile, ecc.. che non si deve pretendere che tutti possano essere immortali come Unius REI!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI 1 secondo fa
Yitzchak Kaduri Messia • eih mohammedanz POMELLO head! here in Italy Rothschild does not want to pay pensions, and with the vaccinations of Bayer 666 Monsanto, then, in a province almost all die of a heart attack, in another province, almost all of a tumor to a specific part of the body! in another province they are hit by senile dementia, etc. .. that we must not expect that everyone can be immortal as Unius REI!

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Yitzchak Kaduri Messia vs mrpoohead • Imam DRACULA mr shariah genocide ta all kafir popop-head akbar ok also for you 10 Italian's vaccination

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BOTOSANI123 . vs Yitzchak Kaduri Messia • VA FA IN CULO DEGENERATE SUBHUMAN VERMIN,and if you post do it all in one post crazy putz. Yitzchak Kaduri Messia vs BOTOSANI123 . • putz? ok also for you 10 Italian's vaccination.. and then you will go singing like a hen to sodom. Boko satani Haram?

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI 1 secondo fa
14 of the 19 were Saudis; one from U.A.E., one from Egypt. All Muslims. Iran helped. Look at this link. Delete the spaces before "com." 14 dei 19 erano sauditi; uno da U.A.E., uno dall'Egitto. Tutti i musulmani L'Iran ha aiutato Guarda questo link. Elimina gli spazi prima di "com".

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia24 minutes ago

Are you a university professor? here is work a dramatic problem in an absolute sense, our children if they are not depraved and drugged? certainly they are all misfit and inadequate but, this is the fault of the EU and the NWO that are the Masonic corrupters of the Democratic Party of Bilderberg NAZI Kalergi Soros regime

sei un docente universitario? quì il lavoro è un problema drammatico in senso assoluto, i nostri figli se non sono depravati e drogati? certamente sono tutti disadattati e inadeguati ma, questo è colpa della UE e del NWO che sono i satanisti corruttori massoni del Pd

Yitzchak Kaduri Messiaan hour ago

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI to Grace Joy
Who benefited 11-09? .ANSWER. to affirm the President FRANCESCO Cossiga: "all the Governments of the world have been previously warned of the autoattack 11-09" self-attack "that was realized by CIA and Mossad: to be able to declare war on Iraq and invade Afghanistan", this does not mean that the US and Israel are responsible for a crime that the shadow government of the FED IMF NWO OCI UN has realized: in fact, the secret services do not necessarily belong to their governments!

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia2 hours ago

shariah islamica Erdogan crazy muslim mrpoohead puppet Salman Riad Shariah genocide Iran ] [tutte le nazioni musulmane sono laiche, proprio come puoi trovare una vergine in un bordello
La Sharia Law nega LAITITÀ, RECIPROCITÀ e diritti umani

Tutte le nazioni musulmane hanno minoranze. perché le maggioranze sono state sterminate da scimitarra, jihzia, stupro, rapimento, calunnia, furto, come è ancora !! [ all Muslim nations are secular, just as you can find a virgin in a brothel
Sharia Law denies LAITY, RECIPROCITY and human rights

All Muslim nations have minorities. because the majorities have been exterminated by scimitar, jihzia, rape, kidnapping, slander, theft, as it is still!!

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia2 hours ago

@shokurobi Vanity is the devil's favorite sin.
ANSWER. no pride is appropriate to human nature in general, and to mine less than to all others. but, I will boast of the victories that the Holy Spirit has granted me to encourage the disheartened: "Courage do not be afraid: your God JHWH comes to save you!"

@shokurobi La vanità il peccato preferito del diavolo.
ANSWER. nessun orgoglio è appropriato alla natura umana in genere, e alla mia meno che a tutti gli altri. ma, mi vanterò dello vittorie che lo Spirito Santo mi ha concesso per incoraggiare gli sfiduciati: "coraggio non temete: il Vostro Dio JHWH viene a salvarvi!"

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia2 hours ago

in Eu they had prepared the plastic coffins to put the Italians inside, and they do not yet understand: because we have not yet risen!
autonomous in survival? but with a total tax levy of 70% on economic activities, and with the current bureaucracy, the people are technocratimente merkel junker prevented the chance to survive!

in Ue avevano preparato le bare di plastica per metterci dentro gli italiani, e non comprendono ancora: perché noi non siamo ancora insorti!
autonomi nella sopravvivenza? ma con un prelievo fiscale complessivo del 70% sulle attività economiche, e con la burocrazia attuale, al popolo è tecnocratimente merkel junker impedita la possibilità di sopravvivere!

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia2 hours ago

@shokurobi What are you doing compliments on your own?
ANSWER. Satan prides himself in doing evil and I will boast MYSELF of doing GOOD!
but, as everyone knows, the merit is not of the horse (Unius REI) but of his knight (Jesus of Bethlehem)

@shokurobi Che fai ti fai i complimenti da solo?
ANSWER. Satana si vanta di fare il male e io mi vanterò di fare BENE!
ma, come tutti sanno il merito non è del cavallo(Unius REI) ma del suo cavaliere (Gesù di Betlemme)

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia2 hours ago

Putin Trump Xi-Jinping Netanjahu] is typical of the demons and Pharisees spa BCE FED Wahhabiti shariah that, they have nothing more to lose, that is, to drag to hell even all mankind: their prey!

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia2 hours ago

Putin Trump Xi-Jinping Netanjahu ] è tipico dei demoni e dei farisei SpA BCE FED Wahhabiti shariah che, loro non hanno più niente da perdere, cioè, di trascinare all'inferno anche tutto il genere umano: le loro prede!

Devasahayam the Deplored18 hours ago

Not only Hamas, but that of any Muslim between the Sarayu (river) and the Med!

Robert Khalifa17 hours ago

In my younger days in the Middle East, there was a "joke" that many people found very funny. It was a report that in Libya, where the Allies fought against the Nazis, both sides had placed mines throughout the desert. After the war, when a man was riding his camel in the desert, he let his wife walk a few feet in front of the camel. If the wife stepped on a mine and was blown up, the man knew not to go further in that direction. Women are nothing more than "things" in these peoples' views

Nichus Block Robert Khalifa5 hours ago

And they think camels make better lovers.

Chris Harriman4 hours ago

The problem is these women and children have also been brainwashed into believing that if they die in service to their (cowardly) leaders, they will receive honor in the afterlife.
If they could be taught the truth, perhaps their zealousness could be redirected to fight AGAINST those who would send them unvaryingly to their deaths.

I fear that even if Hamas lit their own women and children on fire and launched them into Israel via catapult, the MSM and idiot liberals would still proclaim them as the victims, and label Israel uncaring for not surrendering and in effect forcing Hamas to resort to such things. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Fuzzy Ashkenazim16 hours ago

It serves to prove that islamic jihadists are sick twisted coward freaks who don't have the decency to protect their wives and children.

lewjac317 hours ago

Let them use their women and children, it will kill two birds with one stone. Women can't reproduce and children can't grow up to kill Jews.

Nichus Block lewjac3

Pali women have bigger b@lls than the "men," and bigger mustaches.

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI3 hours ago

#Firenze Piazza dei ciompi ISLAMICs bunch of North Africans attack a boy to death to rob him
Florence, the city of Dante, the cradle of the Italian language reduced to merd @ nordafricana.
but it's a safe city according to #Nardella #Pd 🤦♀️ pic twitter com/LY5C04Z7Ct

#Firenze Piazza dei ciompi ISLAMICi branco di magrebini aggrediscono a morte un ragazzo per derubarlo
Firenze, la città di Dante la culla della lingua Italiana ridotta a merd@ nordafricana.
ma è città sicura secondo #Nardella #Pd 🤦‍♀️

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI3 hours ago

Shoku @shokurobi In risposta a @UniusRei
Quindi fai tutta questa teoria per un pezzo di terra?
at my level one does not seek "the earth" or something material, me and Satan, we contend the souls of all mankind! and since I am stronger, then there is no history in this conflict!

al mio livello non si cerca "la terra" o qualcosa di materiale, io e satana, noi ci contendiamo le anime di tutto il genere umano! e poiché io sono più forte, poi, in questo conflitto non c'é storia!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI3 hours ago

President MACRON and President Mattarella have made peace.
we see that:
thief Macron returned the Mona Lisa
Communist terrorist Macron has returned his criminals
Executioner Macron has promised not to kill the yellow gillets any more, and to raise their salary to all of them!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI

il Presidente MACRON e il Presidente Mattarella hanno fatto la pace.
si vede che:
il ladro Macron ha restituito la Gioconda
il terrorista comunista Macron ha restituito i suoi delinquenti
il Boia Macron ha promesso di non uccidere più i gillet gialli, e di alzare a tutti loro lo stipendio!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI

St. Michael the Archangel in an epic battle, deprived Lucifer of his angelic body, and that is why he became Satan (a dead shadow)
all the idiots? they become his predation!

San Michele Arcangelo in un epico combattimento, privò Lucifero del suo corpo angelico, ed ecco perché lui è diventato Satana (un ombra morta)
tutti gli idioti? diventano la sua predazione!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI4 hours ago

you can not marry a woman, because at that moment you got bored and did not know what to do. God is love, and all his logic begins and ends in love, love drives away fear and annuls distances, because love is freedom: then you have discovered the value of service!

non ti puoi sposare una donna, perché in quel momento tu ti annoiavi e non sapevi che cosa fare. Dio è amore, e tutta la sua logica inizia e finisce nell'amore, l'amore scaccia il timore e annulla le distanze, perché l'amore è libertà: allora hai scoperto il valore del servizio!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI4 hours ago

TODAY the Christian martyrs, operators of mercy and justice, are they all in Paradise, while all their torturers? they are all in hell!

OGGI i martiri cristiani, operatori di misericordia e giustizia, loro sono tutti in Paradiso, mentre, tutti i loro aguzzini? sono tutti all'inferno!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI

@shokurobi He told a lie, he said he was coming back to bring us into the kingdom of heaven. ANSWER. if someone in his time believed that Jesus brought the Kingdom of Heaven? nobody would have felt the need to kill him! no, he claimed the kingdom of Israel because he was a descendant of his Father David in Bethlehem!

@shokurobi Ha detto una bugia, ha detto che tornava per portarci nel regno dei cieli. ANSWER. se qualcuno al suo tempo credeva che Gesù portava il Regno dei Cieli? nessuno avrebbe sentito il bisogno di ucciderlo! no, lui rivendicava il regno di Israele perché era discendente di suo Padre Davide a Betlemme!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI5 hours ago

But you do not have a third chance: if you do not want to serve love? you will be forced to serve hatred!
then, either you are with the God of Jesus of Bethlehem, or you are with Satan: this is the destiny for everyone in the human race!

Ma tu non hai una terza possibilità: se non vuoi servire l'amore? tu sarai costretto a servire l'odio!
allora, o tu sei con il Dio di Gesù di Betlemme, o tu sei con satana: questo è il destino per tutti nel genere umano!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI

@shokurobi Yes, as an offer it seems tempting, but you are always a servant of God.
ANSWER. But God is perfect, he is pure Holy Spirit, he does not sweat under his armpits and he does not need servants!

@shokurobi Si come offerta sembra allettante, però sei sempre servo di Dio.
ANSWER. Ma Dio è perfetto, è puro spirito Santo, lui non suda sotto le ascelle e non ha bisogno di servitori!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI5 hours ago

@shokurobi I'm undecided because even Jesus was wrong. ANSWER. Did Jesus in Bethlehem make a mistake because the Talmud said so?

@shokurobi Sono indeciso perché anche Gesù ha sbagliato. ANSWER. Gesù di Betlemme ha sbagliato perché lo ha detto il Talmud?

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI5 hours ago

@shokurobi Better this way, better to disappear than to be a servant to infinity. ANSWER. BUT, you are a SERVANT of justice ONLY today. (since Jesus also made himself your servant ), but in heaven are the holy angels who are honored to be able to serve you!

@shokurobi Meglio così, meglio sparire che essere un servitore al infinito. ANSWER. MA, tu sei SERVITORE della giustizia SOLTANTO oggi. (dato che, anche Gesù ha fatto di se stesso, il tuo servitore), ma, in Paradiso sono gli angeli santi che sono onorati di poterti servire!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI5 hours ago

@shokurobi I choose 10% (of possibility of being able to fall 1000 years in the fire of purgatory) .. ANSWER .. you can not love sin and Jesus at the same time: you have to start a spiritual fight!

@shokurobi Scelgo il 10% (di possibilità di poter cadere 1000 anni nel fuoco del purgatorio) .. ANSWER.. non puoi amare il peccato e Gesù contemporaneamente: tu devi iniziare un combattimento spirituale!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI5 hours ago

@shokurobi And for the second time do really die? ANSWER. CERTAIN: "disintegrated!" in fact, as an act of GOD'S mercy, your infinite despair will end!

@shokurobi E per la seconda volta muori per davvero? ANSWER. CERTO: "disintegrato!" infatti, come atto di misericordia finirà la tua disperazione infinita!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI5 hours ago

@shokurobi My soul and immortal as God and therefore also for me 1000 years are a blink of an eye. ANSWER. only God is immortal, certainly not some of his creatures!
in fact the inhabitants of hell will be disintegrated in the lake of fire (said by Apocalypse) which is the second death!

@shokurobi La mia anima e immortale come Dio e quindi anche per me 1000 anni sono un battito di ciglia. ANSWER. soltanto Dio è immortale non certo qualcuna delle sue creature!
infatti gli abitanti dell'inferno saranno disintegrati nello stagno di fuoco (Apocalisse) che è la seconda morte!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI6 hours ago

@shokurobi 1000 years is a blink of an eye. ANSWER. Certainly for God, 1000 years is a moment. but for you it's 1000 years and that's it! but, if you do not repent of your sins today? you always have a 90% chance to share the fate of satan which is disintegration! OBVIOUSLY, after spending 1000 years in hell with him, and believe me he does not have a good character!

@shokurobi 1000 anni sono un battito di ciglia. ANSWER. certo per Dio 1000 anni sono un attimo. ma per te sono 1000 anni e basta! ma, se non ti penti dei tuoi peccati oggi? ti rimane sempre un 90% di possibilità di condividere la sorte di satana che è la disintegrazione! OVVIAMENTE, dopo avere trascorso 1000 anni all'inferno insieme a lui, e credi a me lui non ha un buon carattere!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI6 hours ago

@shokurobi (for sinner who is repentant AT THE LAST MOMENT)] you have a 10% chance: to finish: first: 1000 years in purgatory (same fire of hell) to return to the earthly paradise, from which you came out: with the illusion of being able to deserve the divine nature. so much was for you: you did not even start this adventure

@shokurobi (PER IL PECCATORE PENTITO ALL'ULTIMO MOMENTO) ] si HAI un 10% di possibilità: di finire: prima: 1000anni in purgatorio (stesso fuoco dell'inferno) per ritornare al paradiso terrestre, da cui sei uscito: con la illusione di poter meritare la natura divina. quindi tanto valeva per te: che tu non iniziavi neanche questa avventura

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI6 hours ago

Putin, FED, IMF; BM ECB NWO Bilderberg China Rothschild Riad Iran OCI UN NATO EU ] if you do not release me my Jewish people who is your prisoner? soon, I will turn you into a single pack of corpses!

Putin, FED, FMI; BM NWO Bilderberg Cina Rothschild Riad Iran OCI ONU NATO UE ] se, voi non mi rilasciate il mio popolo dei giudei che è vostro prigioniero? presto, io vi trasformerò in un solo branco di cadaveri!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI6 hours ago

this is a cruel game about divine nature! 1/3 of the angels, and 2/3 of all mankind: they challenged holy JHWH to self-destruct himself: along with all his creation.
but, Jesus has risen and the Pharisees and Wahhabis who lead the legions infernal, have lost their bet!

questo è un gioco crudele circa la natura divina! 1/3 degli angeli, e 2/3 di tutto il genere umano: hanno sfidato holy JHWH ad autodistruggere se stesso: insieme a tutta la sua creazione.
ma, Gesù è risorto e loro i farisei e wahhabiti che conducono le schiere infernali loro hanno perso la scommessa!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI6 hours ago

Enoch and Elia liked it: so much: to the Lord JHWH that he hired them in heaven on a chariot of fire, Noah, Abraham, Melchisech, Moses and all the Prophets, none of them could get the divine nature, because, the divine nature it is only possible through Jesus of Bethlehem!
and this is the only reason why all the demoniacs like Mohammed Erdogan Bilderberg Merkel Macron Trudeau Rothschild and Kim Jong-un of their all hate Christians!
but then Unius REI arrives and kills them all!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI6 hours ago

Enoch e Elia piacquero: così tanto: al Signore JHWH che lui li assunse in cielo su un carro di fuoco, Noé, Abramo, Melchisech, Mosè e tutti i Profeti, nessuno di loro ha potuto ottenere la natura divina, perché, la natura divina è possibile soltanto attraverso Gesù di Betlemme!
e questo è l'unico motivo perché tutti gli indemoniati come Maometto Erdogan Bilderberg Merkel Macron Trudeau Rothschild e Kim Jong-un loro odiano i cristiani!
ma, poi arriva Unius REI e li ammazza tutti!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI6 hours ago

I will regret before dying. ANSWER. at 90% it does not work!
Mi pentirò prima di morire. ANSWER. al 90% non funziona!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI7 hours ago

What is really the nature of original sin? it is to accuse God (on the part of Lucifer and Eve) and his perfect justice: since he gave to some men, only (and certainly not to the inhabitants of the earthly paradise) the possibility of obtaining his own divine nature!
then the escape from the Earthly Paradise began (by the most ambitious)
to be able to deserve the divine nature!
and this is why all those who are predestined to fall into hell of destruction and curse,
today they persecute Christians!

cosa è veramente la natura del peccato originale? è accusare Dio (da parte di Lucifero e Eva) e la sua perfetta giustizia: dato che ha dato ad alcuni uomini soltanto (e non certo agli abitanti del paradiso terrestre) la possibilità di ottenere la sua stessa natura divina!
quindi iniziò la fuga dal Paradiso Terrestre (da parte dei più ambiziosi)
per poter meritare la natura divina!
e questo è il motivo per cui tutti coloro che sono predestinati alla distruzione della maledizione,
loro perseguitano i cristiani!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI7 hours ago

Adam did not make a mistake for lack of knowledge, but because he did not want to separate himself from EVA that he loved more than God!

Adamo non ha sbagliato per mancanza di conoscenza, ma, perché non voleva separarsi da EVA che lui amava più di Dio!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI7 hours ago

@shokurobi JHWH condemned us to earthly suffering because we wanted knowledge. ANSWER. we already had perfect knowledge and infused science, what we lacked was the infused experience that only God, and his Unius REI (as metaphysical) can have!

@shokurobi Ci ha condannato alla sofferenza terrena perché volevamo la conoscenza. ANSWER. noi avevamo già la conoscenza perfetta e la scienza infusa, quella che ci mancava era la esperienza infusa che soltanto Dio e Unius REI (come metafisico) possono avere!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI7 hours ago

@shokurobi If all sins are forgiven everyone can sin in peace. ANSWER. sure, only to repentant sinners: only, all sins have been forgiven: ONLY to them!

@shokurobi Se tutti i peccati sono perdonati tutti possono peccare in pace. ANSWER. certo, soltanto ai peccatori pentiti: soltanto, tutti i peccati sono stati perdonati: SOLTANTO a loro!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI7 hours ago

Conte is a puppet? and what are all the politicians of the EU if not the puppets of Soros Rothschild and Bilderberg? it is clear that it burns to the masons parasitic traitors of the people! GUY VERHOFSTADT from BELGIUM of PEDOFILI and sodomiti to GOGO '.

Conte è burattino? e cosa sono tutti i politici della UE se non i burattini di Soros Rothschild e Bilderberg? è chiaro che gli brucia ai massoni parassiti traditori del popolo! GUY VERHOFSTADT dal BELGIO dei PEDOFILI e sodomiti a GOGO’. pic twitter /6xMjOL2Tp8

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI8 hours ago

@shokurobi Gratitude is there to my fellow men who fight every day to survive. ANSWER. thank God, who gave them this chance to fight, when they already deserved to be destroyed through original sin!

@shokurobi La gratitudine c'è l'ho verso i miei simili che combattono tutti i giorni per sopravvivere. ANSWER. ringrazino Dio, che ha dato loro questa possibilità di combattere, quando avrebbero già meritato di essere distrutti attraverso il peccato originale!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI8 hours ago

@shokurobi Do you know the scale? ANSWER. sure, I know Jesus the Son of God, who put on the scales: his perfect life, to make up for the sins of all mankind!

@shokurobi La conosci la bilancia? ANSWER. certo, io conosco Gesù il Figlio di Dio, che ha messo sul piatto della bilancia: la sua vita perfetta, per compensare i peccati di tutto il genere umano!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI8 hours ago

@shokurobi Would you be in an eternity of peace? .ANSWER.
if you do not have metaphysics, then do not realize how happy and stimulating a mULTI-dimensional life made of love that breathes through everything that surrounds you, and where the only luminous source that exists is God himself in person! we have no tears to pay our ingratitude to God!

@shokurobi Tu staresti in un eternità di pace? .ANSWER.
se non hai la metafisica, non poi intuire come potrebbe essere felice e stimolante una vita multidimensionale fatta di amore che respira attraverso tutto quello che ti circonda, e dove l'unica fonte luminosa che esiste è Dio stesso in persona! non abbiamo lacrime per scontare la nostra ingratitudine a Dio!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI

The attack of the sodomitic Junker's MASSONI is so violent: to infuriate the premier Conte declares: «Some interventions should not even be commented on, because they have planned to vilify the entire italian people, I represent». "I'm not a puppet. the puppets are the suckers of Merkel Macron Satan Soros Rothschild and liMortacciVOSTRA Bilderberg that respond to lobbies and ECB business committees ».

L’attacco dei Junker's MASSONI sodomitici è tanto violento: da far infuriare il premier. Conte è dichiara: «Alcuni interventi non andrebbero nemmeno commentati, perché hanno progettato di vilipendere l’intero popolo che rappresento». «Io burattino non lo sono. i burattini sono i succhioni di Merkel Macron Satana Soros Rothschild e liMortacciVOSTRA che rispondono a lobby e comitati d’affari».

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI8 hours ago

@shokurobi And what do you say? If there were no murderers, Eden would be a desert. ANSWER. but it is precisely what Muhammad should have thought, in fact his guiding spirit: he has convinced him that hell is called paradise !!

@shokurobi E che dice? Se non ci fossero gli assassini l'eden sarebbe un deserto. ANSWER. ma è proprio quello che doveva pensare Maometto, infatti il suo spirito guida: lo ha convito che inferno si chiama paradiso!!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI9 hours ago

Hamas Etiquette: 'Women and Children First' ... to Die

the real infamous nature of Erdogan ISLAM!

la reale natura infame di Erdogan ISLAM!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI

God speaks loud and clear to everyone:
if you have removed the wax of sin from your heart, and the wax of sin from your ear.
Muhammad's problem is that he is the man of sin, the false prophet, the sect of murderers!

Dio parla forte e chiaro a tutti:
se hai rimosso la cera del peccato dal tuo cuore, e il cerume del peccato dal tuo orecchio.
il problema di Maometto è che lui è l'uomo del peccato, il falso profeta, la setta degli assassini!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI9 hours ago

@shokurobi But because he spoke only with Noah, Abraham, Moses because he did not talk to everyone, and it was he who first made the SOCIAL classes, he divided us into shepherds and sheep. ANSWER. it's not like that, I close my ears to not hear Him!
how do you remove the sin from your life (so the ear wax falls)
God speaks loud and clear to everyone

@shokurobi Ma perché ha parlato solo con Noè, Abramo, Mosè perché non ha parlato con tutti, e stato lui il primo ha fare i ceti SOCIALI, ci ha divisi in pastori e pecore. ANSWER. non è così, io mi chiudo le orecchie per non sentirlo!
come rimuovi il peccato dalla tua vita (così cade il cerume dell'orecchio)
Dio parla forte e chiaro a tutti

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI

Salvini defends President Conte who has been attacked and slandered in all ways in the EU: "That some European bureaucrats, accomplices of the disaster of these years, allow themselves to insult the president of the council, the government and the Italian people, it is really shameful".

Salvini difende Conte che è stato aggredito e calunniato in tutti i modi in UE: «Che alcuni burocrati europei, complici del disastro di questi anni, si permettano di insultare il presidente del consiglio, il governo e il popolo italiano, è davvero vergognoso».

Gabor Ujvari10 hours ago

Woman and children are disposable commodities for the gutless Hamas terrorists.
They have to feed a life woman and child, but the dead ones can be used for propaganda purpose.
What a twisted morality!

14 of the 19 were Saudis; one from U.A.E., one from Egypt. All Muslims. Iran helped. Look at this link. Delete the spaces before "com."
14 dei 19 erano sauditi; uno da U.A.E., uno dall'Egitto. Tutti i musulmani L'Iran ha aiutato Guarda questo link. Elimina gli spazi prima di "com".

Was missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 shot down in botched bid to stop 9/11-style Islamic terrorist attack?

January 18, 2019 by BareNakedIslam 17 Comments

According to a new investigation, Malaysian authorities believed the plane – carrying 239 passengers and crew – had been taken over by Iranian terrorists who wanted to fly it back towards the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. Acting quickly – and faced with a disaster of global proportions – the allegedly government ordered a warning strike on the plane. But, […]

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YES! After evoking condemnation from around America, a disgraceful Saudi flag sculpture is being removed from near the 9/11 Memorial site at the World Trade Center in New York City

January 15, 2019 by BareNakedIslam 38 Comments

An art exhibit near the World Trade Center in New York will be removed after it received backlash for the inclusion of the Saudi Arabian flag near the 9/11 memorial site. “Candy Nations” — an installation featuring pieces of candy draped in flags of countries in the G-20 summit — has been on display near Ground Zero in […]

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ON THE 9/11 ANNIVERSARY, instead of a discussion about the Muslim terrorist attacks, New Jersey middle school students forced to listen to a fictional sob story about a Muslim boy named Osama

September 15, 2018 by BareNakedIslam 16 Comments

Not surprisingly, parents were outraged, especially in a state that lost so many of its citizens on 9/11. NJ Herald (h/t Marvin W) On a day of mourning for the 3,000 people killed on Sept, 11, 2001, by Islamic terrorists masterminded by Osama bin Laden, a middle school social studies teacher allegedly decided to skip […]

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THE EAGLE HAS LANDED…and right on time yesterday during the 9/11 Memorial

September 12, 2018 by BareNakedIslam 18 Comments

When America’s national symbol unexpectedly swooped down on the 9/11 commemoration ceremony in Minnesota, the crowd went wild. As the U.S. marked the 17th anniversary of the Muslim terrorist attacks on America in 2001, which claimed the lives of more than 3,000 people, and countless firefighters, police, and first responders since then, one of the ceremonies had […]

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Did former FBI director who scrubbed ALL references to Islam and Muslims from FBI counter-terrorism training materials also prevent 9/11 families from suing Saudi Arabia after the attacks?

July 6, 2018 by BareNakedIslam 19 Comments

Fifteen of the nineteen September 11th Muslim hijackers came from Saudi Arabia. Ever since the attacks, the family members of victims have been pursuing financial compensation from Saudi Arabia’s government. But one of the biggest obstacles to that compensation was FBI director, and now special prosecutor, Robert Mueller. h/t Marvin W RELATED STORIES: fbi-submits-agrees-to-drop-islamic-counter-terrorism-training-because-of-threats-of-litigation-jihad-by-terrorist-front-group-cair Another […]

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IRANIAN OFFICIALS say: “Yes, we facilitated the passage of 9/11 hijackers”

June 10, 2018 by BareNakedIslam 21 Comments

Iranian officials, in a first, have admitted to facilitating the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the U.S. by secretly aiding the free travel of al Qaeda operatives who eventually went on to fly commercial airliners into the Twin Towers in New York City, according to new remarks from a senior Iranian official. FreeBeacon Mohammad-Javad Larijani, an […]

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Saudi Muslim illegal alien who got a pilot’s license in the U.S. after attending the 9/11 hijackers’ al Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan has been arrested in Oklahoma

February 7, 2018 by BareNakedIslam 17 Comments

A federal grand jury has returned a three-count indictment against a Saudi national, Naif Abdulaziz M. Alfallaj (right), after his fingerprints showed upon documents found by the U.S. military at an al Qaeda terrorist safe house in Afghanistan. The same man was confirmed to have fraudulently attended flight school in Oklahoma where he was issued a […]

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Those who say our opposition to mass Muslim immigration into the U.S. is “un-American” should be reminded of the words of the 9/11 mastermind

November 19, 2017 by BareNakedIslam 15 Comments

The next time you hear a Muslim-sympathizing politician say that banning Muslims from America “isn’t who we are,” remind them of the words of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the architect of the attacks on America on 9/11, who is still imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay: h/t @BoschFawstin

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Shhhhhh…don’t tell anyone but 2016 was the deadliest year for Islamic terrorism in the West since 9/11

November 15, 2017 by BareNakedIslam 10 Comments

“There was a 650% increase in deaths from Islamic terrorism” in civilized countries during 2016 compared to the previous year. Truth Revolt ISLAMIC TERRORISM inflicted more deaths across the Western world in 2017 than any year since 9/11, according to the annual Global Terrorism Index compiled by Sydney-based Institute for Economics and Peace. The report […]

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ISLAMIC TERRORIST who killed 8 near 9/11 Ground Zero, linked to places in New Jersey where Muslims were seen celebrating 9/11

November 3, 2017 by BareNakedIslam 24 Comments

Sayfullo Saipov, the Uzbek Muslim terrorist who killed eight and injured 12 in an Islamic Vehicular Jihad attack in lower Manhattan, at one point used a Paterson, NJ address. His truck had been rented in Jersey City. And Paterson has been nicknamed “Paterstine” due to its large Palestinian Muslim community with noted pro-terrorist sympathies. The PLO terror […]

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The Islamic State (ISIS) and other Islamic terror groups including al-Qaeda plotting similar attack to 9/11 using aircraft, says US security chief

October 19, 2017 by BareNakedIslam 6 Comments

Elaine Duke, Donald Trump’s acting secretary of Homeland Security has warned that ISIS and other Muslim terrorist groups are still plotting to bring down a plane on a scale similar to 9/11. “The threat is still severe,” Ms Duke told an event at the US Embassy in London, describing ISIS as being in an interim period […]

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SO…how does everyone like the new Bare Naked Islam format featuring the 9/11 Memorial blue lights?

September 28, 2017 by BareNakedIslam 93 Comments

If you are still seeing the old format, please refresh your BNI page. The new theme has the 9/11 blue lights on each side of the page. If you can’t see them, extend the width of your page. If you don’t see the new theme at all, delete your Browser cookies and history. This format […]

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BREITBART London’s Editor-in-Chief, Raheem Kassam, scolds President Trump and Defense Secretary Mattis for not calling out “Islamic terrorism” in their 9/11 speeches

September 12, 2017 by BareNakedIslam 4 Comments

Raheem Kassam, an ex-Muslim, has said that the Trump administration needs to call out radical Islamic terrorism by it real name and designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization as several Arab countries, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE have already done. Breitbart Speaking on Fox News, Kassam expressed concern at what appears to […]

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CLEVELAND STATE UNIVERSITY’s Muslim Director of Facilities Maintenance, Shehadeh Abdelkarim, ordered chalk memorial for 9/11 to be washed away on the morning of 9/11

September 12, 2017 by BareNakedIslam 15 Comments

What you probably also didn’t know is that Shehadeh Abdelkarim (right) also happens to be president of a Cleveland mosque that was linked to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, designated by the US government as a terror organization, as well as to the World Trade Center bombing in 1993. Red Alert Politics Tiffany Roberts, chapter […]

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UNNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTASTAN bans 9/11 memorial because it would be offensive to muslim students

September 11, 2017 by BareNakedIslam 29 Comments

The University of Minnesota had a resolution to honor the victims of 9/11 each year rejected by the student government, with some students fearful the measure could offend Muslims and foster ‘Islamophobia.’ Terrorism-supporting Muslim Brotherhood front group Muslim Student Association (MSA) representative Theo Menon proposed in a short resolution that the school institute a ‘moment […]

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Ecco finalmente il "666" di cui parla l'Apocalisse nei minimi dettagli
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è già stato testato su una famiglia americana:
se sei del PD? "preparati a prenderlo!"

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IBAN: IT55H0760104000001016405753

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ACS-Italia‏ @acs_italia

Breaking news e aggiornamento dal #Centrafrica. Abbe Mada Blaise, il Vicario, è già stato tumulato. Il Vescovo Yapaupa di #Alindao è in ospedale (non si sa se ferito o per sicurezza).

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